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Male circumcision is a term describes a surgical procedure by which the the foreskin (the redundant skin over glands penis, also called prepuce) is removed. Its is done for the following reasons; medical, religious, cultural and upon personal request.


Its is a know fact; supported by previous and recent medical literature that male circumcision reduces significantly the incidence of urinary tract infection in children. The opinion that circumcision prevented cancer of the penis and was associated with the a lower incidence of cervical cancer in sexual partners is generally accepted. It helped prevent phimosis (stricture of the opening of foreskin) and associated local infection and resulted in genital cleanliness and reduced the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Where it is done

Male circumcision is not routinely available under the NHS, expect on medical grounds. This due to many reasons, such as cost, lack of resources and possible adverse effects.

Part of the community who request this procedure is left with little knowledge on how this operation should be undertaken safely and correctly outside the NHS. Its was left upon individuals to find a suitable qualified and experienced health professional to do this.

As the NHS does not provide the procedure, some families resort at times to have the procedure taken on by unqualified or inexperienced practitioners, this has led to a number of cases that where badly performed.

Safety of the procedure

Regarding the procedure itself, its is accepted that it is safe, and serious complication is uncommon if an experienced surgeon does it.

About our clinic

Here in our Medical Centre, we have a dedicated Circumcision Clinic where we offer male circumcision for all ages groups, under local or general anaesthesia. Our surgeon has experience of carrying out circumcision for over 30 years.

We have a dedicated well motivated team of highly qualified and experienced consultant, plastic surgeon, consultant anaesthetist, nurse, health care assistant and receptionist who also works within the NHS.

We do free pre-operative consultation and explain all aspects of surgery including possible complication and take informed consent. We also provide operative support as appropriate.

Over 98% of patient and parents has consistently rated their overall satisfaction of our services as excellent.

Our Centre easily accessible it is approximately one mile from the junction 6 M4 ( 5 minutes drive). its is 5 miles from Heathrow and west London and 40 minutes drive from central london

We also provide information in writing and by telephone.

For more information about circumcision and the services we offer, please visit the UK Circumcision Clinic's website

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